Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

Corporate and commercial

We offer commercial advice through efficiently managed professional practice that will facilitate our clients’ business dealings. We provide unique package ranging from formation and managing conduct of companies, joint venture, financial, merger and acquisition, restructuring, shareholders rights, and incorporation of companies

Intellectual property

We assist in processing, protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights either in copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secret matter. We engage in searches at the trade mark registry, filing trade mark applications; renewals and cancellations, copyrights infringements and opposition proceedings; registration of products. We also advise on intellectual property matters and proffer regulatory compliance to the necessary agency bodies.

Shipping and maritime

We cover matters relating to maritime shipping, cargo claims, maritime accidents, injury, loss or death. We advise and also handle matters in relations to charter parties’ bills, drilling and service contract, ship mortgage registration, marine insurance, bill of landing, service contract management agreement, pollution, piracy and ship arrest.

Property law

We also offer premium edge consultancy services in property law. We conduct searches and investigation of properties as well as draft and review agreement in respect of acquisition of properties such as deed of assignment, joint venture agreements, contract of sale, lease agreements and so on. We also handle recovery of premises matter and protect the interest of our clients at all times

Immigration and Employment

We provide immigration support to both local and international companies in relations to expat quota, temporary jobs, termination of employment, citizenship passport, hiring foreign employees, obtaining permits, property acquisition, certified document translation and full assistance of all type of residence authorization.

Family Law

We advise and represent and handles matters relating to adoption, child custody, domestic violence, property division, divorce and guardianship. We also prepare marital agreements .


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